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Video relation from VI Interchool Paintball Tournament

Adrenaline, excitement , fun! See with your own eyes what has happened during the Interschool Competition paintball ' in 2015 .

VI edition of Inter-school Paintball Tournament in Tarnow 2015.

Many rewards are waiting for You to catch -  3x driving  course, paintball gadgets and more. Watch the relations from last year and get ready for best tournament in the world. 

Paintball with Agnieszka Rylik - Dzień Dobry TVN

Best physical education in Poland!

Video relation from V Interchool Paintball Tournament

See what we are making and join us

V Edition of Interschool Paintball Tournament

Stand up, get the glory and catch best awards. We are inviting all high school learners to participate in fascinating paintball event.

Contest for all school learners - KRAKÓW, KATOWICE,TARNÓW

KRAKÓW,TARNÓW, KATOWICE - if your school is in one of this cities this contest is for YOU! Get the invitation for paintball to the whole CLASS!

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